wood shop madness

so i know there’s a big election going on right now–today is voting day and everybody should be hittin’ the poles and giving their input. i sent in my absentee ballot and am now able to say that i have voting in an election. i could not have said that before and it’s pretty cool. i realize that things like presidential elections are important, but i have some exciting news…


that’s right. a wooden bat. all by myself. my wood shop class has taken a pretty serious cut since my last update. although making cutting boards is fun…making something like a bat is way cooler.

so here’s a serious of pictures to explain this process because sometimes, words just can’t do it justice.

Imageso, i started with a long piece of wood. i chopped the corners at a 45 degree angle using table saw and then put it on this thing called a lathe. the picture above is a little ways into the whole shaping process, but it’s better than nothing. you can see the squared off edges on the right and then the smoothed out service on the left. the smoothing out happens by taking a long metal…thing…and holding it against the wood that is now spinning on this amazingly awesome machine called a lathe.


the metal tools come in various shapes and sizes but i stuck to this one:

Imageit’s a wide horseshoe shape and causes a lot of wood chips to fly in my face, on my shirt, and into my arm hairs. they don’t only get on me, they got EVERYWHERE.


this pile was only half of the first round of sweeping. in the top right corner of the picture, there’s something that looks like a grate. this is where i swept all of the wood chips and they get sucked up into a really long tube that goes the length of the whole room across the ceiling and then shoots out somewhere that i have not seen, but would like to. the wood chips also get all over the machine…


this isn’t the finished product yet. i still have to taper it a little more and round out some more edges and get the handle just right..but it’s coming along pretty well for just one day of work.


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