stranger kindness

today i got to my class a little bit early. i took this time to sit in my warm car before walking into the building in front of me to take my test. i was parked at a meter but had not yet put in any quarters. as i sat there, fiddling around on my phone, someone knocked on my window. confused, i turned and didn’t recognize the person so i rolled down my window and said hi. she said,

hey, we’re about to leave but there’s still about 15 minutes left on our meter…wanna hop in our spot?”

without hesitation i responded with the utmost joy and thanked her for engaging in a random act of kindness. meter money is precious money to us college kids so i understand her desire to not let it go to waste, but she did not have to tell me. i always get happy when i pull into an empty spot and there’s still some time on the meter, but being told which one has time left is like hitting the meter jackpot. this small act started my day of will a smile and a feeling i don’t experience often enough: faith in humanity.

i moved spots, went to take my test, and as i was walking out of the classroom i looked down and saw a silver sparkly object on the ground. it was a quarter! it’s like the meter gods have just come down and said, “this girl deserves this!”

alright, that might be a bit much, but still…finding a quarter is just as cool to me as finding a dollar or any other amount of money on the ground.

on my walk with my friend, B, the other day, we sat at a quiet spot on top of a hill where a few dirt paths crossed that overlooked a small pond with the sun setting in the background (picture on left). she went to go get her capo out of her pocket to play some melodies on her guitar and entangled in it was a dollar bill. without thinking, she threw the dollar bill next to her and carried on with arranging her capo just right. after a few songs and some peaceful minutes on top of the hill we went on our way only to arrive at the same spot an hour or so later. the dollar was still there. we laughed and decided that was it’s new home. some Mount Pleasant townie is going to be thrilled when they’re walking the local park and find a dollar on the ground–it’s guaranteed to make them happier than it ever did her, so the choice was obvious.

money is often stressed about, and i, myself, have worried about it from time to time. but the truth is, i don’t want it…i need it. society makes me need it. we spend our whole life going to school just to get a good job in order to make money so we can set up the future for our possible families to go to school and get the education we got so they can get a job and make money as well. it’s an endless cycle until someone comes along and breaks all the stereotypical ways of receiving enough cash to make a living. i give credit to the musicians who pack up and leave everything to travel the road just to make enough cash to fill their gas tank. i respect the people who know what they are good at and know what they want to do and have the faith and reasoning to drop school and become whatever it is they enjoy. whether it be a mechanic, stocks participator, or even a farm worker, good for them for knowing what they love and following that as quickly as possible.

mean while, i’m over here trying to to decide what i’m even going to do with my life and where i’ll possible call my “home” in a few years down the road. the possibilities are endless, but regardless of the outcome, money is always going to be present.


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