it rained pennies yesterday
leaving only washed up, copper-colored circles, circling around drains.
the streets were lined with change small enough for people to forget when it comes in anything less than a handful,
but with pennies flooding sidewalks it’s hard to forget what they’re worth.
the clouds were folded up dollars dropping the piece of them that is so often ignored
as if to say, “if you want me, you need to respect all of me.”
pennies hurt just as much as quarters when they fall.
sometimes people forget about one cent, only hoping for hundreds.
last summer i collected 200 dollars worth of spare change.
people threw it away with their folded up napkins covered in dollar stains from the meal they paid too much for, mocking the clouds that rained pennies.
no one sees pennies as money anymore, in fact there’s been talk about ridding the world of their existence,
but how can we tell them what they’re worth?
they know every dollar is filled with hundreds of them and i believe in power in numbers.
so when it rained pennies yesterday, i stood outside with the intentions of becoming rich.
tink, tinks replaced water droplets hitting the ground, resonating with the voice of a choir.
pennies are beautiful if you believe it.
they stand for a lot more than we give them credit.
so when it rained pennies yesterday i replaced my wallet with recycling bins 
because pennies move around through hands of faithful spenders,
slipping through fingers like they were made of ice,
only to fall into the pocket of a “lucky” one.
i’ve never heard of anyone finding a lucky quarter.
pennies hold luck, which to me makes wealth a lot easier to come by.
i’m lucky to have a mindset that makes me view things for not what they are worth,
but for what they can become.
when it rained pennies yesterday i was was the only one outside,
left to collect my luck alone as people watched from windowsills claiming,
“it’s just pennies.”
but i believe in the power in numbers.
so i sat on the sidewalk, surrounded by pennies, becoming something only a few people value.
but i knew i had enough in me to make a dollar.


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