weekly writing challenge: i wish i were

i wish i were able to understand people and make them understand me. without arguments i wish i were able to explain how simple life can be if we let it. my point of view on various subjects is continually changing and sometimes i feel suffocated by people who have been the same since middle school. when years go by and people stay the same, i see it as sitting stagnant in life. that’s something i don’t wish for.

with every year of experience i grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. it’s hard for me to comprehend being active in the same “scene” for years on end. i’ve been known to wander around from one group of people for the next. usually, i have one or two close friends who i stick to, but i always leave them to explore. this works for one reason; they want to explore too. at the end of our small journeys on the tangent of our walking paths, we come back to each other and bring new ideas, new faces, and new opinions to our friendship. we grow together.

and i wish i were able to make people see that sometimes all you need to do is turn on some light music and sit on your couch, staring at the ceiling for a little while. i wish i were able to show the importance of getting to know yourself before anything else. i’ve spent hours alone in my room, sitting on my couch, or driving in my car. this gives me ample time to have conversations with myself and explore my own brain before adding anyone else’s opinions to the mix. i like to know what i feel before trying to relate it to someone else and their feelings.

on the other hand, i wish i were able to make people see that in order to find the company you want to be surrounded by forever, you have have to search and take adventures. small ones at first will do. walk through the woods. step in puddles. look up at trees instead of just walking passed them. recognize how small you really are.

i wish i were able to make people see that the world is a lot bigger than they are. they amount of people on this world is a lot bigger than they are as well and even though sometimes we feel “on top of the world” we are just walking on her surface. just like everyone else. 

i wish i were a traveller to a grander scale. i’ve seen many parts of America, Mexico, Canada, and just recently Africa. i wish i were able to see more more quickly and i wish i were able to translate the importance of travel to everyone who has never left their hometown. there is so much more to be explored and many times we get stuck in a bounding routine that carries us only back to our own bed at night just to wake up in the same house we’ve lived in for years. 

and lastly, i wish i were warm. because trying to type with frozen fingers only gets you so far and it sure takes a lot less time to write with warm extremities. i wish i were somewhere other than Michigan. just for a while.

2 thoughts on “weekly writing challenge: i wish i were

  1. There’s an Australian writer (can’t remember her name right now) who typed with fingerless mittens.
    i wish I had more years ahead of me than behind. 🙂 Nice post.

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