weekly writing challenge: mind the gap

going into education, i believe that kids should be treated as young adults. they can be responsible for their actions, they can be taught not only right and wrong, but situational actions as well. i have all faith that kids know more than adults think they are capable of. 

now, as far as children in adult places…it depends on the time, place, and person. do i think children should be running around bars at 2am? no. do i think they should be screaming at the dinner table in a fancy restaurant? no. however, if there is a family party at a place that happens to be not so kid friendly, what is a parent to do? especially if it is a younger kid, most the time other family members want to snuggle and kiss and pinch the cheeks of these little ones. who is anyone to deny them of that precious few moments they get in between feeding and diaper changes?

kids need to learn socialization at an early age. i think they need to be exposed to as many could-be-terrible situations as possible, not only for the sake of the child, but for the parents as well. having a screaming child disrupting any event puts parents to the test. i strongly believe that kids will act appropriately if they are giving the expectations before the situation occurs, while the situation is occurring, and then they need to be held to those expectations. the moment a parent fails to follow through is the moment that that crying, screeching, flailing toddler wins the battle. 

i understand some places being “adult” only, like some swimming pools and hot tubs in community centers or on cruise ships. not everyone wants to sit next to a kid at the pool who is splashing water and wearing water wings. that’s understandable. however, if you want to eat your dinner without an interruption…eat at your own house. make your own dinner, sit at your own table. this way you are guaranteed to eat in silence if that’s what you desire. 

i’ve totally been at restaurants or at the mall when i thought to myself, “someone, pleasee shut that kid up!” so i’m not saying children can’t be annoying sometimes, i’m just saying that children are a part of society and if you are going to go somewhere social, then you should expect to maybe sit and listen to a tantrum every now and again. it’s not the kid’s fault, usually, it’s the parents who are having an issue. “good” kids only come with good parenting techniques, but even then, some times a kid just has to cry. just like any/everyone else has those days where they are going to feel like complete poop until they shed a tear or two…or twenty. 

so do i think kids should be abandoned at home and restricted from having a meal out or shopping at the mall? absolutely not. but i also don’t think they should be allowed to run around screaming and yelling in a public place that’s not a park or something more children focused. what it comes down to is, if you don’t want to be around kids, go somewhere without them. like a rated R movie or the bar. 


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