some of the best feelings:

some of the best feelings (in my opinion) are:

taking off your socks after a long day
a fuzzy surface rubbing your cheek
a child grabbing your hand/finger
waking up and feeling refreshed
when someone random compliments your head band (or other accessory)
stepping on a crunchy leaf
riding your bike down a hill on a warm day
cracking your knuckles
getting an A on an exam you thought you failed
a warm shower
laying in grass
sitting in a rocking chair
uncontrollable laughter
walking into a room that has just been cleaned
an unexpected package
blasting your favorite song in you car with the windows down

although many of these things are quite simple, they really are some of the best feelings to me. i love those days where you wake up and everything seems to be going right. the sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and you can’t get the smile off of your face. it’s hard to ignore someone who is projecting happiness and, although sometimes it’s too much, it’s nearly impossible for some of their happiness to not be wiped off on you. i want to be one of those people who radiates happiness and in order to do so, i need to find the little things in like enjoyable, like, crunchy leafs…or taking my socks off.

“so may your worries, may your worries, never fall too loud. may you stay here, may you stay here happy in your own skin on the ninth cloud.”–Ben Howard

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