metered parking


i left this note on my car the other day when i couldn’t find a parking meter on campus that wasn’t already taken. the note reads: no meters. late for exam. be gone by 3:15. here’s three quarters. usually, i ride my bike to campus (aside from the random days it decides not to’s old) but it was especially rainy that day and i didn’t feel like showing up to a math exam soaked from head to toe. 

in one of the biggest parking lots on campus there is only one isle (double sided) that is metered. which, would be fine, but there are rows of parking spots sitting empty with no cars to fill their open pavement. people who have parking passes for campus can’t even park there because it’s “faculty” parking. the thing is…we don’t have that many faculty. 

so, as i was frustrated, late, and a little annoyed about the meter situation, i had a “fuck it” moment. i pulled into one of the faculty parking spots, wrote a note, threw it on my window with three quarters just in case parking enforcement drove around. i don’t know, maybe i felt like they would give me some sympathy. i had all the intentions of paying for a meter that day–i just couldn’t find one that was open. that’s not my fault. i had the necessary amount of quarters, just no meter to put them in.

i got done with my exam and the note–along with the quarters–was still there, soaking wet from the rain. i’d like to think that parking enforcement did come along and see it. that they said, “wow, i’m not going to ticket this person. at least they tried.” but who knows, maybe no one even saw my wonderful attempt at avoiding getting a 10-15 dollar ticket. that though, would be sad. so instead, i like to believe at least a few people saw it and got a little laugh. i was half expecting the quarters to be gone when i got back–that’s some valuable meter change right there!


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