weekly writing challenge: a splash of color

last year the slam poetry club here at Central slightly lacked…inspiration. our advisor was a fan of “mind dumps” which was basically writing a page of whatever comes to your mind all at once…three pages a day. we also did free writes at our Tuesday night meetings. she would give us a word and we would write for 5-7 minutes and produce some sort of rough outline to a poem that we could possibly, hopefully work with. one night, she picked the word “orange”. this was my result:

they always told me nothing rhymed with the word “orange”
but i was the smart ass who twisted around syllables of “door hinge” to try and make it work.
they didn’t think it was funny.
i think there are ways around all the rules.
impossible is not a rule that i follow.
they also claimed no one could lick their elbow,
but i said that’s a bunch of bullshit, maybe their arms were just too long…
or maybe their tongue was abnormally short.
and besides, there’s no way they went around asking everyone in the world if they could.
so when they still wanted to paint licking your elbow with “impossible” i rolled up the sleeves on my orange sweatshirt to prove them wrong.
tongue to elbow.
elbow to tongue.
i bet if they saw it their mouths would drop.
i think “impossible” is something only lazy people believe in.
but it’s possible that i’m just stubborn.
they once labeled the sunset orange because they claim that’s what color the sun it.
i think i know a lot more than them…
because i’ve seen sunsets where the sun bleeds bright pink and seeps into a periwinkle sky.
the sun is not just orange.
color morphing is not impossible.
look at the skin of the girl who takes her daily naps in a tanning bed, for example.
they have labeled skin tan, white, brown, yellow, but never once did they mention orange.
they must have forgotten about the tanaholic.
they must not have ever seen Willy Wonka.
they must think oompa loompas are impossible,
but even if they’re only possible on screens, i’m labeling them feasible.
it’s possible that i’m just hard headed; eager to defend the opposite point of view even when i haven’t had time to create a view of my own.
it’s the bitchiness in me; always wanting to be right.
either way, i knew that if i said “door hinge” with emphasis on the perfect syllable it would rhyme with orange.
so, i think that i’ve turned impossible into it’s possible a few times already.


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