age is what you make it

i have a decent amount of friends who are any where from 20-24 years old. to me, this is the beginning time of my life. this is when i can go in whichever direction i want to take me pretty much anywhere i could plan to go in my future. this is where it all starts; after classes and school is over. to much of my surprise, a lot of my friends in this age range declare how “old” they are so often. like somehow “24” means you’re “old as shit…” (their words, not mine). i guess i just don’t get it. just now, when i’m starting to look forward to my future and all the possibilities it holds, so many people just a few years my senior are complaining they are so old. however, the thing that really gets me is they aren’t really doing anything.

after i finally graduate and complete student teaching, i plan on exploring the world for a little bit. seeing everything i can possibly see before i get a job that restricts me from doing so. after seeing how much help the schools in Kenya need, i’m convinced i would be willing to go to almost any other country and try to shed a little bit of my knowledge there. i still think, during my everyday “ah-ha” moments, that just going and seeing Kenya has taught me a great deal about the society we live in. i want to learn before i teach.

that might be because ever since i was little i didn’t like teachers i didn’t believe. i didn’t really trust they were knowledgeable on the topic because i didn’t think they ever experienced it, or lived it. it’s like trying to learn how to shoot a basketball from somewhere who’s never picked one up; it just doesn’t make sense to me.

anyways, i want to be one of those teachers that people believe. i want to show that i have passion for whatever it is i’m talking about because whenever i talk about it it takes me right back to where i was when i learned it. sometimes, i feel like i only get passionate when i talk about Kenya. i only get really heated and really emotional when i compare my life to the life i lived when i was there. this is just another reason i would love to travel to so many other places. if going to one place can give me so much wisdom and insight, then imagine how much my world would expand while traveling elsewhere.

my point in all of this (in a very round about way) is that i do not think anywhere in the 20’s should ever be considered old. let’s just assume people live until they’re 80 years old. that means if you’re only 20 years old, you still have 3/4 of your life left to live. now, let’s just think of everything you have accomplished in this short 20 years of life…

you have (hopefully) learned:
how to walk
how to talk
how to use a toilet
how to write, draw, and paint
your ABC’s
how to drive
how to type
verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions

that is SO much stuff. and that’s not nearly even all of it! in 20 years you can learn and do so many things. you can go so many new places if you find a way to get there. granted, you’re not going to have to learn how to walk, talk, feed yourself, and dress yourself again (unless anything very unfortunate occurs) so that frees up a lot more learning slots for new and more exciting adventures.

i’ve met some 70 year olds who act like they’re 20 and i’ve met some 3 year olds who act like they’re 16. age is only what you make it.


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