my newly found friend, Paige, just temporarily adopted her boyfriend’s box turtle, Sheldon. i was at her apartment admiring the little guy the other day and just need to explain how cool he is. Imagehe’s got a bird-like beak and crazy scales on his head. when he walks his legs looks like their bending in ways that would only be possibly if they were broken. he wanders around her room, climbing on whatever he can (which isn’t much because he’s a turtle).

now, my roommate has a turtle, but it swims in a 50-gallon tank and only leaves water to sunbathe on his rock every now and again. her turtle, Esteban, is really cool, don’t get me wrong. watching him float through the water with his heated light casting long shadows over his tank is a sight to see, believe me. but seeing a turtle walk on land is something new to me. we occasionally (on nice hot days) took Esteban outside to lounge in the grass. he liked it. or…at least we thought he did. who knows what was really going on through his little turtle brain…but Sheldon is a completely different kind of turtle. Eseban eats turtle pellets and grapes, Sheldon eats worms. so. cool.

click on his name to see a video of him actually eating a worm.


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