what is weird?

Central Michigan’s campus has a section called “Warriner Mall”. it’s basically an open spot on campus with a ton of side walks in various directions connecting to different places. if you go one way, you end up at the University Center, another way and you hit Warriner, the building that i’ve only ever been in to go to the registrars office due to complications with registering for classes (and believe me, there’s always complications…) or to see the annual drag show, vagina monologues, or other performances. i’m not exactly sure the use of that big building besides those two situations, but maybe one day i’ll figure it out. another turn takes you off campus to houses, and another direction takes you to the Health Professions building. the possibilities are endless!

anyways, here’s a picture of Warriner Mall:

Imageas i was walking back to my apartment from class, i realized that there were leaves suffocating the green grass below them. some view this season as “Autumn” but i view it as the “Oh-no-it’s-almost-winter” season. since i’m not a fan of winter, i treat all these almost-winter days with the utmost respect. i took my walk home today as the perfect opportunity to get all the good, leaf-crunching, leaf-kicking steps in that i possibly could. in order to do this i had to stray from the usual concrete path someone else laid out for all of the people in passing. i had no problem with this. i much prefer to walk on grass whenever possible rather than pavement.

i made it the whole length of Warriner Mall when two guys passed me having this conversation:

dude one: what is that girl doing?
dude two: i don’t know…that’s really…weird.

i took one good kick of the perfectly placed pile of leaves in front of me and then i stopped. what is weird? who gets to decide what is “normal”? i certainly don’t think it should be the boys wearing shorts in 50 degree, windy weather, but that’s just me.

i got a little offended when someone had the audacity to call me weird, but then i thought to myself, “Emily, who cares. do you actually care what they think of you?” and my consensus was, “absolutely not.” at that moment i wanted to chase those boys down and explain to them that maybe they should step on a crunchy leaf to know what it feels like when the smallest sound increases your happiness level by 18 steps. i wanted to show them what it felt like to run through piles of those colorful little crunching pieces, having them fly up around you, creating the most wonderful sensation of being completely surrounded by colors. but i knew they wouldn’t understand and then i would become one of those weird people again. i realized i couldn’t win that battle with them so i didn’t even want to waste my energy. after all, i wanted to take more pictures of the leaves…


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