guitar in the streets

so i’m in class right now. i know i should be paying attention but we’re watching a movie and this will be quick…

we just did a “team builder”. we were given a piece of paper and were told to write three interesting things about ourself. i got stuck for a second because pulling random facts about myself out of the abyss in my brain is not always easy. however, after a few seconds i quickly scribbled some facts down. i was told to crumple up the paper into a wrinkled mess after my interesting things were jotted down. doing so, i looked around the room at the majority of people, pencil in hand, staring blankly at the wall trying to come up with something interesting about themselves. like they were a clone of every other person with nothing that sets them apart from the rest of humanity. i can lick my elbow, that’s interesting. i was born in Grand Rapids and i’m a part of CMU Word Hammer, slam poetry club. i’m interesting…and i feel bad for those people who don’t find themselves interesting. i think that if you don’t find yourself interesting then no one else ever will. it’s sad.

and now i’m going to post a picture in the sole purpose of trying to show everyone how cool my friends are (in my opinion, of course):


B and Shiner playing guitar in the empty streets after sundown.


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