weekly photo challenge: solitary

solitary: adjective: separated from or unfrequented by others; remote or secluded.
adjective: enjoyed or performed alone

there are many definitions of solitary, but these are the ones i felt most comfortable with. i live in an apartment above a bar on a semi-high traffic flowing road in downtown Mt. Pleasant, MI. there’s rarely any quiet on before 2am thursday through saturday, and even on some weekdays the bar below me is booming with loud music and even louder people.

one weekend, unlike all the rest, there was no one. not a single person walking the street, no one hollering for taxis, and no line of people stretching down the street. on memorial weekend, this street was deserted. and i loved it.


in the middle of my walk down the empty streets i sat down. to be honest, i was going to set up a self timer to capture my friend and i by a giant mural of a tree of the side of a building, but i was distracted by this lonely fire hydrate. even though my friend was close by, i felt completely separated from everyone else. the quietness of the streets gave me a feeling of complete solitude (which is completely opposite from what the noisy, bar-going people filled sidewalks usually evoke).

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