while going through the “notes” on my phone just now, i came across one that was written at 1:23 tuesday morning. obviously, i couldn’t sleep. the note is as follows:

questions that are going through my head:

since when is monday bar night? i mean, i can understand thursday through saturday, i am on a college campus after. i can get over the fact that i’m going to have to squeeze through a line of people waiting to get into the bar downstairs as i try and make my way upstairs to me room. speaking of this line of people, why must they all yell? i can hear their every word from my bedroom as their drunkenly slurred comments make their way through my window. tonight is especially bad. one guy keeps whistling loudly (impressively loud, but annoying) as his friend makes a woww wooww sound like an electric guitar. others are hooting and hollering. it also sounds as though someone has some sort of metal instrument, but they could have been hitting a number of things against a street sign…or…my bike!

what if my bike is bent up and broken when i walk downstairs to go to class tomorrow? the bike rack is only three feet away from the entrance to the bar and people are walking in and out of there constantly. these so called bar goers are probably drunk and let’s all be honest, we’ve all seen (or heard of for all you innocent bodies) of a drunk person saying things like, “dudee let’s totally smash this bike tire, it’ll be awesomee.” if this were the case, i’m definitely going to be late for class.

clearly, i was a bit fed up with the scream-talking going on outside of my window. seriously though, monday nights usually fill the street with deserted-ness. no cars. no people. no yelling. just me and my bed listening to the silence the air is ringing with. besides tonight, of course, because it is “thirsty thursday”.

i’ve never really been one to participate in these thursday festivities. the main reason being, unlike the majority of students on campus, i always end up taking friday classes. going to class tired is hard enough as it is but hungover? no. thanks.

i found two other notes i had written that night as well. one of them said, “everything tastes better through a straw,” and this statement could not be more accurate. i’m not a milk drinking unless the word “chocolate” comes beforehand, but give me a straw and i’ll suck a whole cup of that stuff down in seconds. the second note is interesting. it said, “automatic sinks are only there to make you wave hello to the people behind the one way mirror in the bathroom, that’s why they never work well.” kind of weird to think about but honestly, those things NEVER work unless you give them a good wave or two…similar to automatic paper towel dispensers.

i know they’re there for sanitary reasons, but pretty soon we’re going to have automatic everything and people aren’t going to have to do anything at all. except stand in their automatic walking machine and go through automatic doors to get to their automatic stairs (escalators) to get into their house that probably will have a moving sidewalk in it (i wouldn’t complain about that last part, those things are freakin’ awesome). basically, what i’m trying to say is pretty soon we’ll all be robots, living an automatic life. that doesn’t sound like fun to me.


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