totally unrelated thoughts

the other day i put a quarter in someone else’s expired parking meter on campus. i figured 25cents spent on my behalf is better than 15dollars spent on theirs. today i found a quarter while walking to class. i figured it was karma paying me back.

i wish i could study or do homework with music playing. i wish my mind didn’t get lost in the lyrics of my favorite song and distract me from the paragraph i’ve already read five times but still don’t know what it’s explaining. i wish i could have that sense of calmness Ben Howard’s sweet voice and guitar lull me into. but i can’t if i plan on accomplishing anything more than sitting on my couch staring at my ceiling fan with the sun light warming my shoulders through the window behind me, and that always sounds better, to me, than homework.

I envy people who have birthdays at the beginning of the month for one reason: those dreaded birthday forms for anything on the internet. when filling them out i have to scroll allllll the way down to the bottom to reach “30”. people who have a birthday on the first don’t understand how good they have it, they just have to click right where their mouse rested originally. lucky buggers.

i love interpreting what animals are thinking and saying it out loud. sometimes i use different voices to portray feelings, other times it’s all about the timing. a lot of the times i do this just for the giggles, but a good percent of the time i really do genuinely feel like if the animal could talk and express an emotion i would be depicting it correctly. i know there are pet psychics and stuff but i’ve never heard of a pet translator…i should run with this and become the first ever pet translator! that is, unless someone already beat me to it, and if they have i would only be mad because i haven’t heard of them sooner.
i think i would be accurate most of the time, but other times i would just make up thoughts depending on what i thought of the owner. if the owner seemed really uptight and wants to make their animal a little human and strip them of every animal tendency they have (like when cats try to jump on tables) but they still so in love with the little fur ball that they would do anything for them, i would interpret their pet saying something like this,

“the only reason i jump on tables is so i can be closer to your heart.”

now, wouldn’t that create a massive amount of “oohs” and “awws”? it would be great “reality” tv. just like the psychic from jersey. she’s a hoot.

today, while bored in my math class, i picked up a piece of cardboard like paper the kid next to me was about to throw away (not even recycle). there was a slit in this rectangular cardboard paper that reminded me of the frown on the grumpy old lady from Monsters Inc., Roz. (see picture on left) seeing this, i started drawing away. now, i didn’t quite remember how Roz actually looked so i decided to try and create something i thought could sort of look like her…maybe. Imageit turns out i ended up drawing a really peculiar frog instead. there was a lot of open space left and time was limited, so i pulled together a quick poem as a filler.

i am but a frog, croaking for a fly on the wall to see me.
flies don’t bother me.
i am but a frog, feeling lonely on my lilypad.
flowers make me sneeze.
i am but a frog, bothered by ignorant tadpoles,
feeling like i can’t wait for the day they sprout legs and hop away.
i am but a frog, croaking only out of habit,
focusing on nothing but flies.

on a completely different note…i wish the snoring of a human sounded like the purring of a cat.

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