weekly photo challenge: everyday life



being a college student in central Michigan, life for me is pretty basic: wake up, go to class, eat some food, and go to class again. when i think about everyday life here, it’s simple and, in my opinion, boring. however, during my recent visit to Kenya i realized that the more simple something is, the harder it becomes for people living outside of the Kenyan way of life.

this is, Dan, our tuktuk driver during my stay in Watamu, Kenya. he lives a simplistic life out of his one room house built from sticks and grasses, in his yard full of trees and dirt ground. in this picture he is squatting next to his “grill” in his “kitchen”. he made us a wonderful meal of whole fish and prawns. we were impressed with how seasoned and well cooked this meal was. he said, “oh, darlings, it’s notinngg” but i think he’s something else.


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