buh bye facebook

this morning i made the decision to “deactivate” my facebook account. it was kind of a random act of a “fuck it” mindset. my facebook is full of friends i have never talked to, pictures with people i no longer even know, and messages from people who would never actually approach me in person. i think facebook makes it easy for people to be awful with no consequence…but then again, maybe the people are already awful in the first place. either way, i was tired of logging on and scrolling through a newsfeed that had nothing to do with anything relevant. sure, there’s the occasion political post or the random facts and inspirational sayings that are interesting…but that’s what the internet is for. i’d rather go explore google than be “forced” to pay attention to people who know nothing about the world they’re living in.

you might be thinking, “Emily, why not just delete people that you don’t know/like?” and the thing is..i don’t want to exclude people. if someone random looks at my page one day and then sees that we’re not friends the next day, i feel like an asshole. that is, assuming people are actually even looking at my page. i don’t want to pick out sole people and X them out of my facebook life…i just don’t want a facebook life.

“but, Emily, what about all of the pictures you have uploaded?” that’s what iphoto and external hard drives are for. this may be selfish, but i can still see any pictures i want to. plus, i can always log on to B’s facebook for a good dose of stalking here and there.

and this one is one of my favorites, “Emily, what about when you have group projects and your group needs to send messages.” do people forget that email exists? it’s as if facebook has taken over google, youtube, and emailing. it’s not okay. group emails are just as easy to track as facebook messages. and then you get right to the point, you don’t forget why you logged on to your email. you don’t end up on some strangers page two hours later wondering how the hell you got there. you just log on, read, delete, save, read and sign out. so. simple. and i think i need more simplicity in my life. school and society make everything so complicated and complex. i’m going to start writing letters to people and see who actually checks their mailbox (not their inbox) and to see who will even take the time to write back.

i already have to redirect my programmed fingers when i open safari and start to type a web address. “faceb…” is my go to but small habits are easily changed if you’re willing.

anyways, here’s what my finished cutting board looks like. it turns out to “finish” it you just rub vegetable oil on it. who knew? and next to it is someone else in the glueing stage of their project.



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