grandparents day

as some of you may know, yesterday was grandparent’s day. personally, i didn’t even know this existed until a few friends were planning phone calls to their beloved grandparents.

to go off track for a minute, yesterday afternoon i went to a musical, Spring Awakening, at the Broadway theater in mt. pleasant. after the play i joined my roommate, Hannah, and our friend, Brandon in a visit to the antique store. usually, antique stores are full of overpriced, old, rusty, musty junk, but this antique store is nothing short of amazing. it has clothes, boxes, records, shelving units, silverware, old suitcases, pictures, chairs, and jewelry, just to name a few things. it’s full of different venders and i would like to think it’s the place where all of mt. pleasant hoarders bring the items their family is making them throw out. anyways, it’s an adventure every time we walk through those doors. yesterday i bought a wall shelving unit for six bucks and two cups and two plates for a dollar each.

anyways, a few minutes into our antique adventure i remembered receiving a call from my grandparents during the musical. obviously, i didn’t answer mid scene, so i put my phone back in my pocket in hopes of remembering to call them later. while walking around a section full of old native american spears and rain sticks and elvis posters, i gave my grandparents a call. my grandma picked up, like usual and we made small chit chat over giving her my address. she warned me of the weird stuffers she filled a soon to be mailed package with and i laughed with excitement of receiving a package from her (hopefully with some of her cookies inside).

i recently received a letter from her (she didn’t write down my address before sending the letter so she needed it again) and it made me realize how great of a family i have been lucky enough to be a part of. over the past year or so i’ve been struggling with whether or not to embrace myself whole heartedly and tell my grandparents that i kinda dig the chicks. no boyfriends for this girl. i come from two people who work so well together, but on paper it would never look like they would have had a chance. my dad’s a republican through and through, along with his dad, my grandfather, and my mom’s a democrat. they agreed that they can disagree on politics as long as they can agree on the majority of other things, which has worked out pretty well so far. my mom’s sister was gay, and her brother just got married to a wonderful man at the beginning of last year and although my grandpa might not view that as “marriage”, the man does have a heart.

my parents were in chicago, visiting my grandparents, a little while back. while the conversation got going, a golfing friend of my grandpa’s came up. he’s son came out and with a little prompting my grandma said something along the lines of, “he’s still a cool guy”. while the topic was running my parents decided it was an appropriate time to inform my grandparents of their own grandchild. now, i wasn’t there, so i’m not sure exactly how the conversation went but all i know is my grandma wrote me the most precious letter i have ever received apart from my “21 reasons why we love you” letter my parents gave me on my 21st birthday last year.

after the small talk, my grandma brought up her letter. she stumbled around with trying to find the right words for a while and then said, “this may not be delicate but..i guess…how’s it feel to be gay?” she laughed nervously after this question and so did i. i wasn’t sure how to answer that exactly, so i opted on saying, “it feels good.” pretty simple, but can be determined however she would like. we went on to talk a little more and she said, “ya know, forget what anyone else thinks, at least you’re you now and we love ya for it.”

my grandparents and i in Holland, Michigan before i left for Kenya

yesterday may have been grandparent’s day, but regardless of the day i am forever grateful for my grandparents. they saved me from being stuck in an airport on the way home from africa, they send me random packages, and provide me with entertainment on holidays. i know how it feels to be a grandchild, but i have no idea how it feels to be a grandparent, however, my grandparents should feel pretty good about themselves because they’re doing a fantabulous job.

“as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”-Nelson Mandela

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