hope for humanity

today i realized that sometimes i have little to no faith in humanity. i assume people have cruel intentions before ever really assessing the situation. like all the times incidents have gone a little bit wrong have now created an almost instantaneous, unnecessary negative reaction to situations that occur. it sucks.

what made me realize this was a young gentleman who drove past me on my way home from class. while riding my bike i could hear dog like sounds coming from behind me. at first, i was baffled by not knowing if that really was a dog or some other form of sound. then the barks got closer. as i look over, already annoyed, thinking it was going to be another guy doing another catcall at a girl riding her bike home from class (me) i see a situation i never would have predicted. the SUV driving past me had all the windows down and hanging out of the back passenger side window was a stuffed animal dog. by the time the car was in my sight i couldn’t see who was driving or who was in the passenger seats. all i could see was this floppy stuffed dog hanging out of the window while someone in the vehicle made barking sounds. i laughed the rest of the way home.

this made me realize how, so frequently, people get stuck in a negative routine and don’t even realize it. before i even knew i was thinking negatively about this barking human, a funny situation corrected my wronged thoughts and turned them in a way everyone should be heading: a light-hearted one. so many times i observe people taking little things way too seriously and then not appreciating the nice little things they’re surrounded by. it’s hard for me to imagine hating something (sure, i dislike peas, mean people, and the smell of burnt toast, but i never would say i hate them) but people walk around hating every part of their day…everyday. that would be exhausting to me.

i think everyone should laugh more, which reminds me of a song by Newton Faulkner, people should smile more. i’ve been listening to him on and off for a few years now and not until i “youtubed” him today did i realize that he’s got some gnarly dreads. i was picturing him as someone of John Mayer’s image. if everything laughed more, they would have to be thinking things are funny, and in order to do that, they would have to be some kind of happy. happy people is all this place needs because when you’re happy you don’t care about bringing anyone else down. you don’t care about the negatives because, for one, you’re finally feeling happy and that’s really as good as it gets. you don’t want to go back to the negative ways of thinking and (for the most part) you don’t want to deal with the people who still think and feel so down…unless you’re trying to bring them up and spread some happy. that’s always a good thing to do.

“i said to the sun, ‘tell me about the big bang.’ the sun said, ‘it hurts to become.'” –andrea gibson


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