one thing..

the one thing i do not like about my IET class is it’s only and hour and fifteen minutes long. this is the one class i actually wish was three hours long, unlike my monday and wednesday night class that  practically puts me to sleep within the first half hour. today i finished up my plastic picture frame and also my cutting board. the cutting board ended up looking pretty cool and it’s not as difficult as i thought it was going to be.

you have to start with long pieces of wood. there were pieces that were a little over a foot long and pieces that were almost two feet long. Imagei opted for the longer sticks because, unlike the typical student, i wanted to make things difficult by not making a perfect square cutting board. i wanted to add a handle. there were different types of wood; maple, pine, and two others i don’t remember. after grabbing the necessary pieces we headed over to the construction room where you spent some time glueing together piece by piece. we made sure to push them together and then held them in place by putting four different holding things on them (clearly, i know all of the legit terminology…)

we let the glue dry overnight and when we arrived the next class period, our boards were glued messily together with drips and drops of dried glue all over the place. this is when the hard work started to begin. we had to scrape off all of the excess glue chunks before sending our boards through a machine that files the boards down flat. one girl complained the whole time. one girl laughed at how sweaty this made her. and i simply scraped away. just so everyone knows, it’s about 95 degrees in the shop class room on any given day and we also have to wear safety glasses. these safety glasses kept fogging up due to my sweaty forehead, making it almost impossible to actually see what i was scraping off. Imagethis was funny at first, but got incredibly annoying as the class period moved forward.

to the right is a picture of my glued together board, with most of the glue chunks scraped off right before i slid it through a giant machine that took 1/4 of an inch off one side, then 1/16 of an inch off the other side to make it smoother and more even.

after all that was done, i used a big round saw to chop of each end and make them straight. after that, i had to create the circular part for the handle by tracing a perfect circle (i chose to use a thing of masking tape, another girl chose a coffee can). then we moved over to the ban saw, cut some relief cuts and then cut out the shape we wanted. 

the saw makes edges a little rough and doesn’t make perfectly straight, curved lines so we then took our boards over to the sander. we sanded the edges, rounded the corners and then finally sanded out the curve between the board and the neck of the circle handle with something that looks like a stick with sandpaper on it. it moved up and down while turning counter clockwise and i just held my board right up to it. then we took it over to the router to round the edges all nice. saw dust flies everywhere and i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m allergic to it. or my nose just hates it, i can’t decide, but while sanding, i had to take multiple sneeze breaks. this is fine when i’m dealing with sanders but when i’m dealing with things like saws that have huge blades on them, it frightens me a little bit. 

anyways, here’s the almost finished product:

Imagei still have to cut a whole in the handle so it can hang or so it’s easily grab-able. after that, we finish it and it’ll be ready to go. needless to say, i’m pretty proud of myself and my cutting board making abilities. it may be simple, but simplicity makes me smile.


“generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”–Khalil Gibran

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