mind dump

sometimes i “like” random people’s stuff on facebook because i like the idea of them going, “oh! one notification!…who the…” but i know it makes me feel good when random people like my things, so it must make them feel good when i like theirs.

has anyone ever seen finger nail clippers that actually catch the fingernail clippings? because i’m tired of those things flying in every direction. and if you have, i want some. if you have not, i’m going to make them so don’t steal my idea.

one of the best sounds and feelings in the world is stepping on a crunchy leaf. it can’t be argued.

sometimes i get in my car and just scream as loud as i can. this is more fun when there’s a friend involved. it’s even more fun when you’ve had a lousy day. after the screaming always comes laughter without a doubt.

animals are the best form of entertainment. except for drunk girls trying to walk in six inch heals…that’s hilarious. 



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