toast is one of my favorite foods. it’s probably up there on my list of favs right next to noodles and Buddy’s mac and cheese. not only is it delicious, but it’s versatile. think of all the things you can do with toast:

-eat it dry
-make an egg salad sandwich
-butter it
-put garlic on it
-put cinnamon on it
-feed birds
-make open faces sandwiches
-put peanut butter and/or nutella on it…yum

see! the possibilities are endless. toast is simple. it’s hard to mess up but my roommate last year would always burn her toast. or her bagel. or her english muffin. really, she would just burn anything she was cooking and i’m sure she’s not alone. however, i find it really hard to mess up toast. i like it perfectly golden brown, still a little soft, but crisp at the same time. kind of like marshmallows over an open fire, which is hard to do and pretty time consuming, but worth the wait. my friend, B, used to always just burn her marshmallow. it would be up in flames and she would say it was perfect. i didn’t understand but it turns out when i made her the perfect golden brown marshmallow she fell in love. she was always just too impatient to wait for it to brown on one side then flip it over and brown the other and so on. anyways, the key to perfect toast is the right toaster oven (toaster ovens are easier than toasters because it gets the whole piece of toast rather than just the bottom side) and keeping your eye on it. as soon as it gets golden brown it’s going to get chocolate brown soon after and that’s what i always try and avoid. charcoal flavored toast is not for me.

not only is toast amazing, but it doesn’t even have to be toast…it can simply just be bread. bread is one of those things that gets me every time. if i sit down in a restaurant and they give the table a basket of rolls you better believe i’m eating at least two of them. and when they give the table of basket of rolls that are cheesy…forget about it. they’re all gonna be gone.


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