i just learned …

i just learned through random research that centipedes sometimes resort to cannibalism. like, what? it said that if there was an injured specimen involved the other centipede would just EAT IT. whaaaat. that’s like if my friend broke their leg and i just started to nom nom their arm. that’s some zombie shit and it’s not okay.


this all started by talking to my friend, B, about the nasty millipedes in kenya. then google was involved to get pictures and yadda yadda…the millipedes are gross, black, with little red legs running around.

they’re gross, yeah, but the centipedes are a million times worse. and they bite. millipedes just creepy crawl around, harmless. centipedes are mean. and they’ll attack you. they aren’t scared of you even though you’re 600 times bigger than them. however, even though those little guys might not be scared of me, i sure as hell am scared of them.

i saw one one night when i was sitting on some stairs outside of Savannah’s. i freaked out. even though it was a good two or three stairs away, i immediately pictured one of them crawling on me, biting me, and just being horrible.

centipede. ew.

anyways, the whole point of this was to bring up how crazy the idea of cannibalism is. and the fact that this insect would eat an injured animal of the same kind boggles my mind. but i guess that’s what makes them insects and that’s what separates humans from other kinds of animals. our development is so far beyond so many things, yet everything still has a reason to be here. i originally started googling these ferocious insects because i wanted to know the point of them being here. why must they be so nasty? turns out they are here to keep the insect population from overpopulating. so you’re welcome, all you mosquito hating people. these little things also provide food for some birds, moles, and some large spiders. everything has it’s purpose.




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