Coming to an end

Exhaustion has officially set in. I don’t know how long it takes to fly from new York to Chicago but I gaurantee I was asleep before we even took off and didn’t wake up until I was forced to put my seat in it’s upright position. Even then, I could barely open my eyes.

Now we’re laying at our gate just waiting to board our last and final flight to Detroit. It’s been an alright journey so far but now I am eager to just be home already. It feels like forever ago that I was in Kenya.

I found that ordering food here is stressful. People tell you to sign here take this ticket number wait here go there grab this do that. I miss being able to hand over shillings and sit back to see if I would receive the currect change or not. I don’t know if it’s my overly tired eyes or fed up with people brain but it seems like this airport is seriously over crowded.

I think it’s time to be home.

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