7:18am Brussels…

7:18am Brussels, local time.

Today I had my final encounter with a long drop toilet. The stall I chose to go in and there it was in all of its glory. It was glistening in what I pretended was water but in reality…they’re unsanitary if you catch my drift. This one  had stairs leading up to it, the top one flush with it’s bowl which was new to me. I will love to see real toilets that don’t have to wait ten minutes in between flushes. At the house once the toilet was flushed you had to wait for what seemed like forever for it to flush again. We did a lot of “if it’s yellow let it mellow”.

Our first flight went flawlessly but it was only 45 minutes. Then we had a seven hour layover in Nairobi. We could have explored the city but because Nairobi is known for it’s traffic jams (we got stuck in one that was over two hours long after our safari) we decided to keep it safe and lay around the airport. We listened to music and read books until we could check our luggage. After our bags were checked we did some last minute shopping and eating. We found what seemed to be the only cafe in the airport and the food was good and the service was fast. Faster than anything in Watamu by far.

We just got off of our second of five flights and are waiting to board our flight to new York. We found a Starbucks which was the first sign we are getting closer to home. Not half way there yet, but getting close.

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