Last Saturday

Today we had an amazing day on the beach. The tide was out so we explored the coral and the shallow waters before getting a tuktuk to a beach that has less seaweed. The wind started picking up so I was woken up from my nap by a cool chilly breeze. We got a ride back to the house in time for showers and hanging out before dinner. After a nice dinner at a place we’ve never been, pilipan, we headed over to oceans for the wifi and “disco”.

Tomorrow we plan on spending all day at the special school so we get in as much time with the kids as possible. The nights at the school are an enormous amount of fun and I’m sad we didn’t figure that out sooner. Sara has been so generous to take us under her wing and explain Kenyan culture and also take us shopping for shoes and underwear for the kids. Without her this trip would not been nearly as amazing.

All of the volunteers at the moment are making it hard to even think about leaving. We’ve both grown attached to all of them and even some locals as well. Dan, our tuktuk man, is cooking a farewell lunch for us at his house tomorrow. He showed us his house today which consists of wood and grasses with some rocks towards the bottom for support. He’s got chickens running around and a nice dog named snoopy. Nothing like any house I’ve ever seen but it’s hard to not love something when it’s surrounded by nature.

It’s surreal that our stay here is coming to an end. I feel as though I’ve been away forever but only been here a few days. The safari seems like years ago, yet I can remember every animal perfectly. I’m jealous of those staying until August but also jealous of those that are already home. I’m craving a hot shower, carpet on my feet, and not having a mosquito net suffocate me at night. There are things that I will not miss (long drop toilets. Look it up if you don’t know what it is) and having every meal take three hours after ordering. But the trees, lack of pavement, and culture is going to be hard to leave behind.

Our flight is on Monday and then we official start our trek home. I’ll try and keep everyone posted about our travels. For now…disco time.



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