Today we took an early day off at the special school because Sara has a rule that when teachers cane she leaves the school grounds. We decided to leave with her and went to a resort called Aquarius for lunch. We ended up going back to the school around six for a night time slideshow some of the other volunteers that are leaving tomorrow made. That was only after Sioned and I chased a monkey out of our house and then fed it our leftover sandwiches from lunch…no wonder they keep coming back lol.

The kids loved the slideshow and I loved to watch them enjoy it. My heart seriously goes out to all of those beautiful children. I made another volunteer promise she will take Sharon for morning walks. I can’t stand the thought of her sitting stagnant in her chair again. I wish I could stay here forever but be home at the same time.

The volunteers leaving tomorrow have been here on and off for two years now and they told us it made their departure so much easier knowing we are here. They can trust that we will actively engage ourselves and try to do the best we can for these kids. And it’s true.

People are chatting around me and my food just came so I’m having a hard time focusing. Because of this, I’m cutting this blog short but I want everyone to know how amazing this trip has been and how eye opening everything I’ve seen here is. Sad to leave, can’t wait to be home.

Words from hannah: hi friends and fam! Today has been another great day spent with all me friends at the special school. We ate at a lovely place for lunch that overlooked the ocean and some big rocks. I’ve been learning Lots if kenyan sign language and thoroughly enjoy spending my afternoons at the school fir the deaf. Although i’m anticipating going home in a few days i must say i’m quite sad to be Leaving. I’ve fallen in love with kenya- the people, lifestyle, and most of all the kids. I’m excited tonsee all my homies but will be leaving kenya with a heavy heart. However, only a few more days until i’ll be home safe and sound in ma and pa’s arms and able to celebrate andrea’s birthday with her!! I love you all and am excited to be reunited with everyone. Hugs and kisses!

aquarius resort overlook


2 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Emily,
    You write such great blogs, This trip will go down as one of those life changing experiences. My students can’t wait to hear what you have to say. They feel sad when you talk about the kids in the schools. You are a remarkable person. Safe trip home.

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