Lazy Sunday

Today we woke up and didn’t do anything but lounge on the beach. It was absolutely amazing. We caught some sun with Tasha, Ana, Karissa, and for a short while, Madeline. We walked back for lunch around one when our cook, Florence, told us it would be ready. However, our gas ran out and we had to wait for another gas tank to arrive. Kenyan time is  going to be the death of me. We decided it would be a good idea to talk about all of the delicious food we miss from our home countries…terrible idea in the long run because it made us even more hungry and it created a craving for a Cobb salad and a hotdog. Random, but deliciously temping.  After the food talk we chose to lay around in our backyard and get more sun time while we waited. After we ate three more volunteers arrived. We got acquainted and waited for everyone else to get home. Then we laid out all the souvenirs we’ve collected to show them all off. Surprisingly, a lot of us had more stuff for ourselves than anyone else…yikes. We’re going into Malindi again tomorrow to pay for our flight changes and a couple other people are joining us for a little shopping spree afterwards. Then we plan on going to the special school for the afternoon and hanging out with all of our special friends. Our days at the school are slowly coming to an end and I already feel the sadness of leaving all of these kids behind. If I could, I would bring them all home with me and give them a life they could never even imagine.  Hannah sends love to all of her homies and she misses everyone dearly.

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