Before I get started, I just spent a good two minutes trying to figure out what day it is…the day and the time just don’t seem to matter much in Kenya.

Yesterday we got to the special school to find the doors to the classrooms locked. All the teachers were at a conference, leaving the kids to wander around under the supervision of the volunteers and a few house mothers. I took this as the opportunity to take as many pictures of these beautiful kids as I could. They absolutely love the camera and some of them are actually quite good at taking pictures (I let some of the older boys borrow my camera). They were running around, getting piggyback rides, dancing, and going crazy. we brought out a parachute and that was a complete hit. I showed them the trick either Coach or Mr. Ambrose showed us in elementary school where you puff up the parachute and then sit on the edges, creating a dome to run around in. I didn’t know if they would understand at first, given more than half of them were deaf and a lot of them can’t move their arms or legs, but they all seemed to catch on quickly. I guess my signing is getting a little bit better because they actually understood my directions. Their faces beamed with excitement as they ran around a domed parachute. They loved it so much and kept saying, “again, again!” which is great…but at the time I didn’t realize how fricken hot it gets inside of those things lol. It was an amazing day and it reminded me why i love it there so much and why i’m going to be so terribly sad to leave.

Today I took it easy on the beach after breakfast until I had to meet up with Hannah at the special school to get a matatu into malindi. one of the volunteers, Louis, had a motorbike today so he drove me to the school, which was nice because if he didn’t I would have had to take a matatu all by myself and that makes me nervous. I went into the school for a while until we caught a ride to malindi. we got to the airport and the office was closed for lunch. Lunch here takes about three hours so we were pleased when they arrived in around 30-40 minutes. We switched our flight so we don’t have to spend two days in Nairobi before flying home. There’s been some issues with Beatrice, our home base coordinator, because she’s kind of shady and very unorganized. Because of this we would rather stay in Watamu an extra two days with our new volunteer friends than stay at her house ever again. Our flight is changed but we have to go back to Malindi to go into another office and pay the fee for changing our flights (15usd ..totally worth it).

We went to lunch afterwards and then walked to a tourist market. We shopped for a little while before the guy who was driving us around on a motorbike picked us up to take us back into Watamu. We’ll probably go back to the market again, seeing as we didn’t even cover half of it today, and we still need to buy some things for people back home..and ourselves haha. it was a long motorbike ride back to Watamu and then a short walk home from the junction but it was a very successful day. We hung out until dinner then walked to ocean’s to get some free wifi. Now we’re about to make our way back to the house and call it a night. I think we’re supposed to have some new volunteers waiting for us as well.


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