Disco night at oceans

Yesterday I decided to go to rainbow house orphanage because that’s where I’m technically supposed to be volunteering anyways. It was a good experience and fun to see. At one point I had five children sitting on my lap. I didn’t even know that was spatially possible but it happened lol. I made sure another volunteer snapped a picture. As I was helping grade the kid’s school work one kid sat down next to me, placing his hand on my crossed legged calf. Suddenly I feel a slow rubbing back and forth and when I made eye contact he said “prickly”…I guess it’s time to break out the razor…

After lunch I decided to go see my people at the special school. It’s way more entertaining to me and I feel much more needed there. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Sara’s classroom and I’m pretty sure I’ll be close to fluent in Kenyan sign language by the time I leave…maybe.

The weather here has been overcast and rainy these past couple of days and the kids, along with myself, are tired of being cooped up inside. We all need some sun to pep up our moods.

Alison left early this morning after her week long adventure came to an end all too quickly. Delany, Chris, and some others are leaving in the next couple if days and I will be very sad to see them go. They’ve been here since we arrived so when they leave we will be the veterans…weird. All the new volunteers are very nice and even though the house is filled to the max, it’s nice to have people around for entertainment. The only bad part is occasionally running out of water for showers and brushing teeth…but it’s Kenya so I figure it’s okay to smell like the locals. Jokes…kind of…

It’s halfway through the trip and I feel like I’ve already been here a month. Days are long but weeks are short. We’ve been into town to buy some fresh fruits and veggies to give us a break from the carb overload. My mom and dad would be the first to tell you that I love all and any kind of carbs, but being here, I would be okay with not seeing another piece of bread for at least a year. Breakfast is bread and butter. Lunch is two pieces of bread with maybe a string of tomato and two sausage pieces. The bread is thick and a lot of the time wet feeling…I’m not sure if I’ve already talked about the food because I’m journaling too, so sorry if this is repeat lol. Stew/vegetable soup is also something on the list of things I don’t want to see anytime soon.

We’re currently at Oceans for disco night. They aren’t playing any disco music though, just the same crappy music they play in the US on the radio. We are sitting with our favorite tuktuk driver, Dan Dan the rasta man. He’s the typical man with dreads that says things like “oh man, juss smiiile beautifuuul.” he’s great and was just dancing with someones small child…precious.

He’s one of the locals I would trust with my well being. A lot of the others seem very nice at first but it’s only to later pester you about coming to look in their shop, buy their fish, or book a safari through them. This is when I choose to say no and keep walking in hopes they’ll stop following us lol.

Loving life and I’ll update again soon. For now, I disco.

Ps-Bianca, if you’re reading this, Hannah just said to me, “I wish Bianca was here so we could talk about how horrible this music is.” it was a Katy perry song playing…


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