Last night we all hung out at the house and played cards. It was a pretty relaxing friday but it was much needed. This morning I went to the beach with Hannah, Sioned, and Indre. It was surprisingly cold and windy but it did manage to clear up right before we hopped in a matatu to travel to malindi for a day of shopping. Being away from Nairobi, I forget how much I dislike being in cities here. Malindi was hectic but I did manage to get some good gifts for myself and some people back home.

We are now at ocean’s again..using all their wifi. We come here so much the owner gave us discount cards  for 15% off, which is nice. We walked here because tuktuks cost money and its only a ten minute walk anyways. We had a flashnight (or a torch as our roommates from the UK call it) but everyone we passed was torchless. It gets really, really dark here and the only lone lights come from seldom matatus or tuktuks passing. Occasionally there’s a light on the side of the road from a small shop or hut that’s still open but mostly everything is pitch black. The stars here are amazinggg, but still not bright enough to light the way. However, the other day there was a full moon and it lit up the whole entire sky.

People here have no concept of personal space, probably because they’ve been forced into overcrammed matatus all their life. Even if all the seats are full there is ALWAYS room for more. People sit on laps, stand on the side, or even hang out of the sliding side door.

People also think that since we’re “mzungus” we’ll be fine paying double, or even triple the amount an item is worth. I’ve had to learn to talk them down and go back and forth to get a reasonable price, but it’s not something I enjoy. I’m looking forward to getting to the US where prices are exactly what they appear on the pricetags. I’m also looking forward to hot showers, 711 slurpees, and having a washer and dryer.

Weekends here are lazy, but peaceful compared to our somewhat active weekdays. I like the thought of being able to sleep in but my body has set its own alarm clock for around 7:30am. Plus…theres now 19 people in the house (4 more arrived today and three are coming tomorrow) so it’s not exactly easy to sleep in.

Enjoying the weekend off of volunteering, but missing the cuddles from kids and the laughs they fill me with.

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