Lucky me

I have one of the nicest roommates ever. Indre offered up her ipad even though she was not going out tonight because she told me to “update your blog so your people can see.” She’s too kind.

Today one of the volunteers brought in small instruments and passed them out to all of the kids with CP. The OT room has never been so full of dancing and laughter. The kids had a blast and never wanted to stop. Their cackling and screeching is still ringing in my ears.

After the musical morning we sat in on another one of Sara’s sign classes. I actually helped a girl read a paragraph in Kenyan sign! Go me! Haha. When Sara told them it was time for lunch they begged for just one more paragraph. Its wild to me, but these kids crave education. Whenever I was let out for lunch people ran out of the door before the teacher was even done talking. After Sara left for lunch I hung around with another volunteer named Ashlea. The kids surrounded us giving new signs and then writing on the chalk board what they meant or even finding objects around the room that corresponded. It was like they were so happy to be teaching someone something. I could feel their sense of pride in knowing sign and their willingness and patience while we struggled to understand them was amazing to me.

After a quick break for lunch we brought some of the kids with CP to the pool at the resort some other volunteers are staying at. They LOVED it. Some of them were timid at first but others were not hesitant at all to get in and get kicking. It was tons of fun and its now going to be a regular tuesday and thursday occurrence if the weather permits.

I walked back home with Hannah and Delany. We were all pretty hungry because the sandwiches our cook makes us for lunch are less than filling. Basically, two peices of bread and maybe a slice of sausage and tomato. If youre lucky you will get two sausages. We stopped at a little table on the side of the road and bought some yummy pastry vegetables things with some delicious sauce to hold us over.

We went to a place nicknamd carwash for dinner (its next to a carwash) and you had a choice of chicken, beef, or fish. The fish comes with the head and all so i opted for chicken and Hannah got beef. Everything was very good. Now Hannah, Kelly, and I are sitting at ocean’s and chillin out a bit.

Words from hannah: Hi friends and family!!!! Kenya has been an absolute dream thus far and I’ve already picked out multiple children to take home (kidding ma). Hope everyone had a great 4th of july (happy birthday ‘murica!) and I cannot wait to come home to ya’ll. Life at the special school has me so incredibly excited to wake up in the morning and just thinking about it makes me smile and do an excited little giddy dance in my seat (currently doing it now). I’ve made an abundance of new  friends that enlighten me with their stories of travel and life in various countries. I haven’t been too homesick! Mostly just homies sick (wish my People were here with me!) and of course! I’m missing my kitty and nightly runs with vickie boy. It’s a daily struggle for me not to pet the various animals that i see (which can be interpreted as stealing and thus prosecuted by being burned alive). But life is good, nonetheless. I miss you all and cannot wait to disperse my love and affection on each and everyone of you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!!

One thought on “Lucky me

  1. Emily & Hannah! How nice to hear from BOTH of you:)
    We’re all living vicariously through you, so love hearing your stories.
    Thanks to Indre for lending you her IPAD.
    Em your phone should work with the wi-fi at the resturant/bar just check to see that it’s connected to the wi-fi and you’ll be set.
    Love you both!
    Mama Sirovy

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