Loving it

Today we witnessed discrimination. We were in the matatu (kenyan van/taxi) on the way to our projects and we were at a stand still. “mzungu” means white person and some people wouldnt get in the van because it was full of mzunguz…We eventually went on our way and didnt have a problem getting more people to hop in and join us farther down the road.

Hannah has decided to join us at the special school and we are both loving every minute of it. Today we spent the morning helping the kids with CP while they were in the occupational therapy room. The OT doubles as a doctor for the children so he’s a very busy man who can use all the help we can give him.

We break for “tea” and drink kenyan tea (which I politely refuse because its made with warm milk that smells bad and a lotttt of sugar. And i can’t make sense of drinking hot tea when every inch of me is already sweating) and we eat mandazi which is like a kenyan doughnut type thing. After tea is lunch.

Today for lunch we went to a corner hut down the street from the school. Sara, a teacher for the deaf swore we wouldnt get sick but I couldnt help feeling a little weird about eating in a dark, hot room on the side of the street. The food was good and my stomach has not felt all the way normal since we’ve been here, so the fact that the hut food didnt upset it is a plus. After lunch I ran around with a volunteer named Jack and some of the kids until we spotted Hannah, Delany, and Sioned sitting in Sara’s classroom. I joined them and was amazed. These kids are so funny and way smarter than anyone here in Kenya gives them credit for…except Sara. She’s in the peace corp and was placed here ten months ago. She’ll be here for another 14ish months and she thinks it’s not long enough.

While helping the kids make cloth bracelets to eventually sell, one girl asked me if I attend church (the little ASL I know does help a little but KSL is different). I could tell her “not really” and when Sara saw her do the sign for “devil” she had to explain in depth about all different religions and beliefs around the world. Later on she told me shes had the same conversation with them multiple times because she is Jewish but they just dont understand. Here, in Kenya, people strive to be the same and differences are considered bad or “of evil”.

We didnt end up leaving the school until around 3:30. We hung out, showered (well, I did..Hannah…not so much) I have yet to have a warm shower but the shower I’m using is outside so it makes up for it. Then we went to Savannah’s restaurant for a good ole American 4th of July celebration lol. Now I’m at ocean sports resort using the free wifi on my friend, Indre’s, ipad.

Every day is more and more awesome and more and more volunteers keep joining us. Currently, people have to leave before more people come because we have no more empty beds in our wonderful house.


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