Today we started our projects. Hannah went to the rainbow house orphanage and I went to the “special school”. It was absolutely incredible. Most of the kids have CP but some of them have autism. They were full of smiles and I’m convinced their smiles are contageous. We helped them walk, kick a ball, and later in the day the two volunteers I was with (Delany and Sioned) and I brought out some paper and paints. The kids LOVED it. At first, they seemed scared of it almost, like they had never seen paint. However, towards the end of the day they were painted their hands and each other lol.

Being there today makes me want to give all the money I have to this special school. Their floors are falling apart and the kids that can walk trip on them constantly. They have the necessities but they could thrive with just a little more. Its one of the most eye-opening things I have ever seen.

There’s also a school for the deaf right next door and those kids are hilariously entertaining. They took Delany’s and Sioned’s sunglasses and were strutting around in them and dancing. I signed with them for a little while and one kid gave me my sign name, which is really cool to me lol. I cant wait to spend more time with these kids.

I’m basically staying in a beach house with a bunch of other volunteers. Its really fun and everyone is very nice and humorous. Its been a pleasant couple of days here and I cannot wait to have many more.



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