Time is hard when it’s changing

I woke up at 6am thinking it was time to start the day. A girl has been coming in and out of our room getting clothes and whatnot–I think she was nice enough to let us steal her bunk bed for a couple nights. It’s still dark outside and people have been up and about making noise for a while now. To shower they use warm buckets of water to rinse until they get more water delivered to the house. Same goes for flushing the toilet so I woke up to the sound of falling water into the deep toilet bowl we tried to avoid last night. 

Between feeling wet from humidity, wide awake because of sleeping for 11 hours yesterday on the plane, and the excitement of just being here I don’t think I’ll be able to fall back asleep.

The noises here are incredible. Through our closed window I can hear a variety of chirping and buzzing. I jokingly told Hannah we could just stay on the driveway for our safari but I think during the day that’s going to hold even more truth. We drove through a canopy of trees and dodged multiple roots and low hanging branches to get back to the house and even at night I could tell it was a sight to see. I can’t wait for sunshine so my eyes can explore everything the darkness of night was hiding from us last night.
Today we are going to be watching baby elephants be fed and hopefully playing with some giraffes. Tomorrow we officially start our safari for five days until we hop on another plane to take us to malindi.
Sidenote: the travel books were right… the food takes forever to eat-chomping on the meat for twice as long as I ever had to in the US but it tastes delicious.

2 thoughts on “Time is hard when it’s changing

  1. It already sounds soooo amazing! I’m so excited for you guys and cant wait to hear more about it. I love you both be safe! p.s. i cant imagine hannah having to eat meat, especially for a long time!!

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