First day.

Today I pet an elephant and kissed a giraffe and it’s only the beginning of our adventure. We saw baby elephants being fed first thing in the morning and then went and fed some giraffes. After a short lunch break we ended up at a little market followed by a show with native dancers and music. We got back to our home base and I immediately fell asleep only to be awakened by our host telling us dinner was ready. We’re not sure what time we depart tomorrow to go on the safari just yet, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out soon. Fun fact: giraffes tongues are dark because they get burned by the sun. The back of their tongue is pink like ours. Fun fact number two: elephants are susceptible to pneumonia, so they have people sleep with them every night making sure they have blanket on them and making sure they eat every three hours.


2 thoughts on “First day.

  1. I must be related to elephants–like to eat every 3 hours and wouldn’t mind someone sleeping with me to keep my blanket on. Have tons of fun!! Charise

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