getting closer.

i’ve got a table full of clothes littered with lists.

i’ve got plane tickets ready to print, bags ready to be packed, and l’ve got a mind opened as wide as it will ever be.

i’ve got worries.

i’ve got doubts.

i’ve got thoughts of the heat and the bright african sun,

and i’m pretty sure i’m ready.

ready enough to stop freaking out.

i was excited before, worried and stressed after that.

my excitement is rising again.

with every phone call to hannah, with every text we send making sure the other one knows just as much as the first,

my heart flutters.

my stomach jumps.

my mind goes on tangents that i can’t seem to control.

i’ve got my assumptions of how things are going to be.

i’ve got the reality that everything i will see will change me.

it’s crazy.


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