mentally preparing

i’ve never been one for making lists.

i go to the grocery store list-less and pick up whatever my hands reach for.

however, i’ve made more lists in this last month than in my whole life combined.

it’s my way of trying to keep myself in line.

i can’t procrastinate a trip across the ocean.

i need to know what precautions to take, what foods to stay away from and how to greet the family whose home i’ll be invading.

i won’t be able to run down the street to CVS if i forget toothpaste.

i can’t just call my parents to see if they can wire me money because i won’t even have a phone.

the lady at the verizon store said i was SOL unless i wanted to pay a fortune for a single text.

that’s not in my budget.

for a whole month i’ll be communication-less.

talking only to the one familiar face traveling with me until we get absorbed in a culture unfamiliar to our own.

we’ll be over seven thousand miles away.



and i’m sure i won’t forget how to drive, but i’m not completely ruling that out just yet.

there’s no illegal blood alcohol content level while driving in kenya.

that worries me.

so i’ll stick to walking in my new, safari friendly, shoes.

most people here will never set foot on that land.

full of lions,


safari guides,

and orphanages.

we’re going there to help.

and even though we will be list-less, communication-less, and vehicle-less, i don’t expect anything less than to be astounded.

i can’t wait to gain insight through their point of view, through their own eyes.

i’m going to help people who have less, meaning i’ll have less as well.

i never understood that saying

less is more

until just now.


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