Family value

Ive seen a lot of things fall apart
Legs on chairs crippled from the weight of numerous people sitting still with faith that the chair will support them
Cookies cooked for too long or not long enough crumble in the hands of eager mouths watering with anticipation
And I’ve seen hearts break in half when their other half decides to leave them
The harsh reality is things fall apart
Houses deteriorate with years of people coming and going
Light bulbs burn out
Crayons break in half when the gentle fists of a first grader tries to write their name on their own paper
You see, I’ve seen a lot of things come to an end
Like boyfriends
Like favorite songs
Like vacations
But I’ve never seen their relationship dwindle
My parents have been married for 26 years and not once has divorce been thrown from their lips
They’re seriously in this
I want to say its true love
But really it’s just the best example a girl can get of how every relationship should be
They’ve given me heart and determination
Through their relations they’ve kept a family strong
It’s a lot of work to keep things from falling apart
My family never lacked togetherness
Always flooded with understanding and explanation
My mom wanted us to figure it out on our own
My dad wanted to make our life easy
And in between both of them was their love that they showered us with daily
It’s impossible to not be thankful
And I’m not saying they never fight
But what shows a persons character is how they come to a resolution
Not how many words they can form into opinions
Screaming matches never work
They work harder than anyone I know to make this family grow
But they wouldn’t see it that way
They see a life with their best friend
Dinner with their favorite
And happiness with someone else’s joy
I’ve seen things fall apart
Since the time I was a little kid I’ve seen things being broken
But I could count on my family to never crack
I thank my mother and father for that

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