Je Phree Willy.

i’ve never actually met him

talked to him a few times; enough to give him a nickname

without every hearing the words he forms into random questions fly from his mouth

it’s all because of technology

and technically, people wouldn’t consider us friends

but i would

i don’t have a single picture with him

but i have quite a few of him

randoms he’s sent me over time

like the one of him in ram’s horn

or the one of him and his friend

or, my personal favorite, the one of his ass

for reasons i still ponder over, i slid my screen to receive a plump bottom picture

bare butt

naked butt

nice butt

we’ve never hung out in person but things have gotten personal

i’m a west coast tupac chicka

and his west coast biggie lovin’ heart excepts that

he’s never been one to judge

says some of the weirdest stuff i’ve ever heard but i appreciate it

grunge never looked so spiffy on anyone

he’s different

but i appreciate it

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