weed me

when i grow up i want to have a garden full of weeds

that’s right

fuck lilies and sunflowers

i don’t want tomato plants or tulips

i want dandelions

because the hair on a dandelions head gets gray with time just like an old person

and old people are amazing

i want a garden full of weeds

and i’m naming each of them “flower”

because who says they can’t be labeled beautiful too?

did you know pineapple weeds have round yellow buds?

and the virginia pepper weed blossoms with tiny white flowers

wild carrot weeds look like snow flakes

and i’ve never liked winter but that doesn’t mean i don’t think snow is pretty

who am i to discriminate?

why would i dig up something because someone labeled it with ugly

i’m not flower

nobody is picking me anytime soon

so label me a weed

it doesn’t mean i won’t grow where i want to

it just means i have to be that much stronger to survive

pretty can only get you so far

in my opinion, a bull thistle is onto something

because they have pretty pink flowers that sit on top a ball of spikes as if to say “good luck capturing my pretty”

you see, i want a garden full of weeds

like velvetleaf

because velvetleaf grows up to eight feet tall and they’re covered in fuzz that feels like velvet

i want my garden to be fuzzy

so i can run through it

i can’t run through roses

because under their beauty are hideous thorns and i think bull thistles would beat a rose in a fight

because it’s a lot harder to wear your ugly on your sleeve

only cowards try to hide their flaws


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