cowardly ways.
stuck in their cowardly haze;
they’re blinded.
can’t see past their own pointed finger,
no time to see the dirt underneath their own nails
they would deny it even if they could.
say that someone else put it there,
no way could the tips of their fingers be touching dirt.
they’re better than that.
and the only thing those fingers will grasp is dollar bills given a value higher than their worth.
don’t ya know money is everything?
cowardly voices.
singing their cowardly song of blaming.
no time for self evaluation,
they’ve got problems to cause.
they’ve got solutions to give that don’t solve anything.
they’ll say everyone else is out of tune,
but in reality they sing to a rhythm only cowards know how to dance to.
cowardly eyes.
hiding their cowardly lies,
they’re stuck.
too far along in a game they’re bound to lose.
it’s a shame they’ll never understand it.
they’re willing to give up everything for something worth monetary value
and frankly, i don’t value their opinion.
so i’m refusing to listen to their stale silence.
i’ve got better songs to play
and better people to dance with.

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