i was a silenced gun that just wanted to be heard

my silence was not keeping me safe

fuck my safety

nothing that could kill could ever be safe

and with every touch of your waist i got closer to danger

but i wouldn’t wish death on anyone

and yet your fingers are my body’s trigger

you pull bullets from my lips

you leave handprints of gunpowder on my hips

and you sound bangs in my heart without leaving any holes

you un-silenced me

you told me i was too quiet

asked me if i talked more with other people

and i said

no, because your fingers are the only ones that could trigger me,


now i’m bang, bang, banging my way into your head

call it homicide

or suicide because you were the one pulling my trigger

either way, we’re at the shooting range

i’m firing with everything i’ve got

and you better not move my target

you are the bulls-eye that was always just a ring away


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