I’ve never really understood the game of basketball

I’m really not that good at it either

I was shooting guard in eighth grade and only scored three points all season

after that…

I chose to play different sports

I wanted to contribute it to my lack of height

Or my hateful attitude towards running

But it really came down to the fact that I hate rebounds

I understand they’re an important part of the game


I suck at them

And it seems like outside of basketball I always get stuck with the “rebound” title

It’s not fair to be the one pulling someone out of love with someone else

You see, in basketball, if someone misses a shot everyone is jumping 




Trying to force the ball to love the basket

In real life

After a missed shot with someone people jump into anything that will get their mind off of the person who fucked them over

A rebound in real life acts as an eraser

Which I’m fine with

I’ll erase someone’s bad memories, no problem

It’s when my eraser runs out that we have a problem

All the fluffy, soft, pink stuff fades away and that person is left with


The silver metal part of a pencil

No cushion

Nothing to hide behind



It’s at this point when they usually realize that 

I’m not their ex

Who they are still in love with

So i get pushed away and pushed aside and left for someone who hurt them in the first place

I’m not good at basketball


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