the most comfortable place in the world.

The excitement I feel when I think about crawling back into my bed after class overwhelms me.

My hands get sweaty,

My heart starts pumping faster,

And the corners of my mouth curve upward into a slight smile.

I never wanted to leave the cradle of covers and pillows to sit in these uncomfortable chairs.

The backs are too straight,

The legs are too long; they leave my feet dangling,

Putting stress on my knees.

I need a foot stool.

Or a reclining chair.

Then I would be more likely to pay attention to the teachers words instead of being distracted by my body’s impulse to sprawl out and get comfy.

The uncomfortable feeling of plastic and metal trying to align my slumping spine aggravates me.

I need my bed

And my blanket

And my pillows just right so my head falls into the corner and gets cuddled from both sides.

Comfortability is hard to find without a bed like mine. 


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